Stainless Steel:


Part #




EcoBoost MAX

8.9"x3.9"x1" LxWxH


EcoBoost MINI

4.1"D x 0.8"H


To maximise fuel efficiency, we recommend using the EcoBoost MAX #EB11133. Simply attach an EcoBoost MAX bracket to the bottom of any chafing dish so that it brings the EcoBurner closer to the dish and creates a windproof heat chamber that disperses the heat more effectively. EcoBoost reduces the amount of fuel needed to keep food warm and enhances the wind proofing benefits so is ideal for outdoor use in any catering situation.

Some hotels simply can’t attach the EcoBoost MAX to their chafing dishes so the MINI will do as an alternative in these cases, but we do recommend using EcoBoost MAX as it will be more efficient. The EcoBoost MINI clips onto the top of the EcoBurner to prevent heat being deflected back onto the EcoBurner to improve efficiency and is an easy way to start using the EcoBurner under any chafing dish.

EcoBoost MINI is required to efficiently heat Eastern Tabletop Coffee Urns.

  • EcoBoost MAX is used for maximum fuel efficiency when EcoPan or EcoServe is not being used.
  • EcoBoost MINI is improves heat efficiency
  • EcoBoost MINI is required for all Eastern Coffee Urns
  • More efficient use of fuel