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EcoBurner Storage Rack


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The EcoBurner Storage Rack: Your Solution for Efficient EcoBurner Management

Simplify your EcoBurner storage and usage with the EcoBurner Storage Rack – the perfect system for keeping your EcoBurners in order and ready for action. This specially designed tray streamlines your EcoBurner buffet operation, ensuring your staff always has quick and easy access to the EcoBurners they need.

Efficient EcoBurner Management: The EcoBurner Storage Rack encourages best practices for managing your EcoBurners as clear instructions for use are laser-marked on every EcoBurner Storage Rack. This simplifies the process of identifying which EcoBurners are ready for service and which ones need refilling with these straightforward guidelines:

    • Store full EcoBurners, ready for use, upside-down.
    • EcoBurners in need of refilling are stored upright.


This intuitive approach ensures that your staff can quickly identify which EcoBurners are ready to power your chafing dishes and which ones require filling.

  • Stackable
  • Fits 8 EcoBurners
  • Store EcoBurners that need to be refilled (empty) upright
  • Store EcoBurners that are ready for use (full) upside-down