Luminous Hotel Grade Coffee Urn

Stainless Steel:


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Stainless Steel

1.5 Gallon


Stainless Steel

3 Gallon


Stainless Steel

5 Gallon

Xylo Finishes

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Stop and Stare: a luminous statuesque style. Enhance your presentation with a modern twist on service and presentation. Serve your coffee with Eastern’s modern design at any meeting and event. Attractively styled, with removable body for easy refill. Available Drip catch #9450 stainless steel tray slides under spigot, as well as a variety of ID tags #9542 labeled as you wish. Safety space to place the gel fuel.

• Securely Attached Handles and Finials
• Removable Base for Easy Filling and Refilling of Gourmet Coffee
• Quality Easy-Flow Spigot
• Stainless Steel Metal Quality Spigot Handle
• Unique Tower Style Lid Adds Extra Design to Coffee Urn
• 1.5 Gal = 24 Cups
• 3 Gal = 50 Cups
• 5 Gal = 100 Cups
• Works with Gel Fuel and Electric Heat
• Choice of Legs