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LeXus Risers Action Buffet System - "L" Shape - 1723L

Stainless Steel:


Part #




Stainless Steel Integrating LeXus "L" Shape Corners

5" H


Stainless Steel Integrating 2 Level LeXus "L" Shape Corners

10" H


Stainless Steel Integrating 3 Level LeXus "L" Shape Corners

15" H


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Put your imagination to work with "L" shaped corners and "X" shaped platforms
that totally integrate for unlimited and endless combinations of buffet set ups. Let a whole new world of buffet creations unravel as you explore, build and intermix the “L” corners, “X” platforms and live cooking stations.

Experience the miracle of spatial science....

•    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
•    Eye Catching Laser Cut Design Collection
•    Multi Levels of Display
•    Unlimited Interconnecting Options with the LeXus Series, "L" Shape Corners and "X" Shape Platform Risers
•    Bridge Fashion - Connects with Glass or Acrylic Shelving
•    A Variety of Glass and Acrylic Sizes Available to Suit Your Needs
•    Different Set Ups Daily
•    Quick Tear Down
•    Space Saver - Stacks into Each Other for Minimal Storage Space