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Milk Dispenser with Center Ice Chamber

Stainless Steel:


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Continental Milk Dispenser with Center Ice Chamber

3 Gallon


Enhance your presentation with a modern twist on service and presentation. Serve your beverage juice or milk with Eastern’s decorative milk dispenser, designed to keep your beverage chilled for many hours with an insert of a removable ice chamber. Stainless steel dome cover and stainless steel base with acrylic container. Quality drip less easy-flow spigot and removable container for easy refill. Beverage ID tag with chain clips on to the beverage juicer, Drip Catcher stainless steel tray slides underneath.

• Stainless Steel Metal Quality Easy Flow Spigot Handle
• Removable Acrylic Ice Chamber
• Removable Base for Easy Refilling
• 3 Gal = 50 Cups